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general biochemistry

macromoleculesorganic compounds that make up bodies of most organisms
dehydration synthesischemical process that forms covalent bonds betwen organic molecules
hydrolysisprocess where water breaks molecules
carbohydratesmolecules that provide fuel, and support
starchfood for most people
cellulosesupports plants
sucrosetable sugar
C6H12O6basic monosacharide molecular formula
fatsenergy storage lipid
phospholipidsmajor components of cell membranes
hormonestype of steroid that regulate bodily functions
waxesprotects organisms from water
peptide bondscovalent bonds between amino acids
proteinspolymers formed from amino acid
hemoglobintransport oxygenin the blood
antibodiesbody's defense proteins
enzymesspeed up reactions in the body
nucleic acidsbonded nucleotides
chemical reactionprocess of forming or breaking chemical bonds
elementonly one type of atom, examples are C, H, O, P, N, S

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