Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

Simple Sentences

Drill on the terms used to write simple sentences

What does the P in PENS stand for?Pick a formula
What does the E in PENS stand for?Explore the words to fit the formula
What does the N in PENS stand for?Note the words
What does the S in PENS stand for?Search and check
What does the Q in Q-tipp stand for?Quality
What does the t in Q-tipp stand for?thing
What does the i in Q-tipp stand for?idea
What does the p in Q-tipp stand for?Person
What does the p in Q-tipp stand for?place
What is a subject?The Q-tipp that the sentence is about
What is a verb?The action of the subject of the sentence
What are the requirements of a complete sentence?Capital letter, end punctuation, a verb, a subject, and it makes sense
What are the search and check steps?ARK
What does the A stand for in ARK?Ask is there a verb?
What does the R stand for?Root out the subject
What does the K stand for?Key in on the beginning, ending, and meaning
What question do you ask to root out the subject?Who or what (verb)?
What song do we sing to remember the state of being verb?Jingle Verbs
What are the state of being verbs?be am is are was were been have has had shall will should would does do did must may might can could

Sandy Burke

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