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Algae & algae repodution

learn algae

Planktonstiny floating organisms
phytoplanktontiny, floating organisms that are photosynthetic and predominantly algae
indicator organismsorganisms that grow only with certain materials
filamentslender, chain-like thread of cells
algae is grouped:according to pigments
holdfastsspecial cells that attach algae to submerged objects
sessile algaealgae that grows attached to something
thallusalgal colony
air bladderssmall air filled spaces that make the thallus float
Unicellularforms new organisms by mitotic cell division
fragmentationif a colony is disrupted and split in two, each side will grow back into a colony
zoosporesindividual cells in some sessile algar that are special, which ahve flagella who swim to form new colonies
conjugationtwo cells that unite that aren't gametes
isogametesspecial cells, not different. fuse.
heterogametesdifferent cells unite
zygosporeprotective covering of a zygote (formed in unfavorable conditions
oogonuimstructure built around ovum
spermmotile that fertilizes
antheridumstructure built around sperm


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