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Match facts about Galileo's life.

Biography of Galileo.

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GalileoAstronomer born in 1564
monasterywhere Galileo attended school
Pisasite of Galileo's Lamp
clockdesigned with a pendulum
Leaning Tower of Pisasite of some of Galileo's experiments
PtolemyRoman astronomer
Ptolemaic Theorystated the sun moved around the earth
Copernican Theorystated the earth moved around the sun
Medicipatron family of Galileo
Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callistomoons of Jupiter
heliocentrichaving the sun as the center
geocentricrelating to the earth as the center
cosmosthe orderly universe
dialoguea conversation between two or more persons
inquisitiona severe questioning
VencenzioGalileo's father
housewhere Galileo was imprisoned
Virginia and LiviaGalileo's daughters
with respecthow Galileo treated people
David Scottastronaut

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