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Chapter 9: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal

Contemporary's American History 2
Vocabulary, Comprehension Questions

run on the banksmass withdrawal of money from banks
soundsolid or stable
the rightconservative faction of the government
the leftthe liberal faction of the government
recoveryan economic improvement from a recession
balanced budgeta balance of government funds in New Deal
deficita shortage of funds
unconstitutionalnot permitted by the constitution
landslidea large percentage of votes
dictatoran authoritarian ruler with TOTAL power
totalitarian governmentgovernment in which one party controls all political power
isolationistperson who believed the U.S. should not get involved i
internationalistperson who wanted the U.S. to intervene on behalf of the Allies
Lend-Lease Lawallowed the U.S. to sell, lend, or lease war materials to Great Britain 1941
Newly elected President Rooseveltpledged a "new deal" for America
4-day bank holidayThis was to stop a "run on the banks"
Emergency Banking Relief ActAllow banks to be examined before reopening
FDIC(Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation"Insures the money people deposit in banks
CCC, PWAExample of putting people to work so they would have money for food/shelter
TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority)built dams and power plants for cheap electricity
court packingAdding judges to Supreme Court to advance certain ideas
The Supreme court declared the AAA and NRA as _______.unconstitutional
2 groups not treated fairly under New Deal programsWomen, African Americans
Group of African Americans named to adivse the presidentthe Black Cabinet
Kellogg-Briand Actoutlawed war
HitlerDictator of Germany
MussoliniDictator of Italy
During the 1930s, some ___ came to power in Europedictators
Roosevelt won the 1936 election in _ _____.a landslide

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