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Atomic Theory

Test your knowledge of the atomic theory.

Democritusfirst to talk about atoms, a particle too small to divide
Aristotlebelieved you could always divide a piece
John Daltonfather of modern atomic theory
J. J. Thomson #1discovered electrons
Ernest Rutherford #1discovered the nucleus
Neils Bohrbelieved electrons fell into specific orbits
Today's atomic theorysay electrons are found in clouds around the nucleus
atomssmallest part of an element
J. J. Thomson #2cathode ray tube experiment
Ernest Rutherford #2gold foil experiment
electronsnegatively charged particles
nucleuspositively charged center of the atom
Dalton's Theoryatoms make up everything, form componuds, & atoms of each element are alike

6th grade science instructor
Otte Blair Middle School
Blair, NE

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