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General Bio Chapter 4 sec 1 and sec2

communitya group of various species that live in the same habitat and interact with each other
ecosystema community of organisms and their abiotic ( nonliving) environment
biotic factorsrelationships between organisms; living factors in an ecosystem; once living things such as dead animals; waste of organisms
abiotic factorsphisical or nonliving factors of an environment such as oxygen, water, rocks, sand, sunlight, temperature, climate
habitatthe place where on organism lives
biodiversitythe variety of organisms or species in a given area
successionthe replacement of one community (group of various species) by another at a single place over a period of time
pioneer speciesthe first organisms to appear in a newly made habitat
equilibriuma state of balance in an ecosystem
biomea large region characterized by a specific kind af climate and certain kinds of plant and animal communities
terrestrial biomea biome on land (tropical, temperate, high latitude)
temperate biomea terrestrial biome located at mid latitude characterized by temperatures that vary over the year (grasslands, forests, deserts)
high latitude biomea terrestrial biome located at high latitudes characterized by cold temperatures (taiga and tundra)
aquatic ecosystemthe regions of the earth whichare underwater (freshwater, wetlands, estuaries, marine)
producersphotosynthetic or chemosynthetic organisms that make their own food. They are the basic food source for an ecosystem.
comsumersorganisms that eat other organisms instead or making their own food.
decomposersorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, that feed by breaking down dead organisms
food chaintransfer of energy through a series of animals feeding on the organisms or animals below them on the chain
food weban interconnected group of food chains
trophic levelone of the steps in a food chain or food pyramid
energy pyramida triangular diagram that shows an ecosystem's food chain

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