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Environmental Issues

Oceans, rainforests, desertification and the atmosphere.

deforestationclearing large areas of forest
developmentimproving the standard of living
greenhouse effectextra carbon dioxide and other gases warm up the world
leachingnutrients seep through the soil
sustainable forestryplanting at least the same number of trees as are cut down
national parksareas of nature that are hopefully protected from development
pollutiondamage to the environment
sources of pollutionfarming, industry, housing and transport
overfishingcatching too many fish so that the numbers decline
quotaa limit
Common Fisheries Policywhat the EU hopes will reduce overfishing
subsistence farminggrowing only enough for yourself and your family, with very little left over for selling
soil erosionwhen soil is washed or blown away
desertificationwhen farming land is turned into a desert like condition
overcroppingtrying to grow too many crops on the land
overgrazingkeeping too many animals on your land
irrigationputting extra water on farmland
green revolutionincreased food production due to fertilisers, pesticides, irrigation and land reform
ozone layerpart of the atmosphere that cuts out much of the harmful radiation from the sun
global warmingthe slow increase in world temperature caused by the greenhouse effect

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