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Trade and Aid

Buying and selling between countries, help from one country to another and self-help schemes

O.P.E.C.the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Multinational companiescompanies with factories and offices in many countries, e.g. General Motors
tradebuying and selling goods and services between countries
importsgoods brought into a country
exportsgoods sent out of a country
trade gapthe difference in value between a countries exports and imports
trade deficitwhen a country spends more on imports than it gets for its exports
trade surpluswhen a country makes more money by selling its exports than it spends on its imports
quotaa limit
tarifftaxes put on imports
aidany kind of help and support
international aidaid between countries
bilateral aidaid from one country which is given to another (bilateral means two sides)
multilateral aidwhen richer countries give to an organistion like the U.N. when then distributes the help
voluntary aidaid which is given by ordinary people, not governments
Oxfaman example of a voluntary aid organisation
short term aidemergency aid given after e.g. a natural disaster
long term aidaid that is designed to improve the economy and therefore standard of living in a country
self-help schemesuse the skills of local people to improve local conditions e.g. to prevent soil erosion
large scale aide.g. building hydro-electric dams or prestigious hospitals
official aidaid that comes from governments and is paid out of taxes
donor countrythe one that gives the aid
tied aidaid that brings finantial benefits to the donor country
intermediate technologysimpler equipment that is more helpful than expensive high technology

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