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RS Animal Science --Animal Terminology


anesthesiaprocedure done prior to surgery to induce loss of consciousness
euthanizemedically assisted death
ovarihysterectomywhat spaying is
castrationanother name for neutering
neuterzola chemical injectable that disrupts the testicles
orchiectomyremoval of the males reproductive organs
osteosarcomaa form of bone cancer
testicularcancer type that neutering helps to lower
allergenswhat the burrowing mites release into the skin
demodecosisthe first stage of demodectic mange
Sarcoptesscabeia microscopic mite that burrows into the skin
scabiesis an intensely itchy skin disease
Jaundicea yellowish discoloration of the skin
Leptospiraa specific bacteria
meningitisa disease involving inflammation of the meninges
zoonoticdisease capable of being transmitted from animal to human

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