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voc. for language


aptsuitible, fitting, likley to learn
awryturned/twisted position or direction, wrong, out of the right, or hoped for course
chafeto warm by rubbing, to wear off by rubbing, to sore by rubbing
capitulateto end resistanse, give up, surrender
predominentthe greatest in strength or power, most commen
pertinentrelated to the matter at hand, to the point
prodigysomething wonderful or marlvolous, something monsturous or abnormal, unusual feat
renownfame, glory
enmityhatred, ill-will
bludgeonshort club used as a weapon, to strike w/ a heavy club
plummetto plunge straight down
perceptiblecapable of being grasped by senses or mind
stocialself-controlled, not showing any expression or response in pleasure/pain
infiltrateto pass through or gain entrance to gradually or steathily
predatorypreying upon
attributea quality/characteristic becoming/associated w/ som1 or sumthing
belittleto make something seem smaller than it appears, to talk about something in a way that makes it seem of little importance
jauntylively, easy and carefree
haggardthin, pale and careworn as a reult of worry or suffering


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