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Ecce Romani Chapter 18

praecurriterun forward
obesa ancillathe fat slave woman
olimonce upon a time
Mehercule!Goodness me!
nisi errounless I am mistaken
nisi errasunless you are mistaken
caudarumof the tails
caudathe tail
hi canesthese dogs
nisi erramusunless we are mistaken
doleoI am sad
dolesyou are sad
dolebamI was sad
dolebasyou were sad
homo sollicitusthe worried man
homo magnusthe big man
magna voxloud voice
magnum onuslarge burden
agnoscitshe recognizes
Quid agishow are you
pernoctaveruntthey spent the night
revocavithe called back
pernoctabantthey kept spending the night
se praecipitantthey rush
fugiebantthey kept fleeing
fugiuntthey flee

Barbara Goodale

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