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French History Part I

1000 av J.C - 450 apr J.C.

Lascauxfamous caves where prehistoric paintings were found
patriarchyfamily organization where the father has absolute authority
Druidsreligion that worshiped natural phenomenon
Julius CaesarRoman leader who crossed into Gaul in 58 BC
mistletoeplant considered sacred to the Druids if collected from oak trees
Lutetiathe "city of mud" (original name for Paris)
GeneviéveShepherdess who became the patron saint of Paris
LyonEconomic and political capital of Gaul
Liguriansdark-haired, olive-skinned people who first inhabited France
Celtsfair-skinned people who make up the second-lagest group of French ancestors
excommunicationconsidered the worst for of punishment in Gaul
VercingétorixLocal Gaul chief who resisted Caesar and a character in Asterix
Christianitythe first counterforce of Roman authority
Teutonic TribesPeople from Germany who first overran Gaul
Attila the Hunmeans "Curse of God", or the "Scourge of God" who was sidetracked on his journey to conquer Paris
MenhirsGiant stones erected by ancient people
MarseillesPhoenician trading colony in 7th century B.C.
IberiansEarly inhabitants who built menhirs and dolmens

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