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Lion Witch Wardrobe #2

The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe
Vocabulary Words for Chapters 5-9

reignthe time when a king or queen rules the country
superiorfeeling more important or better than other people
inferiorfeeling less important than other people
enemya person who hates and tries to hurt somebody
sightseera person visiting a special place;a tourist
treasonthe crime of causing harm to your country
robina small brown bird with a bright red breast
beckonto show someone with a movement of the finger or hand that you want them to come closer
prophecya statement about what is going to happen in the future
sulkto be very quiet because you are angry with someone
pawthe foot of animals,such as dog,cat,bear,beaver,
beaveran animal with brown fur,a long broad tail and sharp teeth used to cut branches to make dams across river
boughone of the main branches tree
betrayto tell a secret about someone to an enemy
nodto signal said"yes" by moving your head up &down
steeprising or falling quickly (used with hills,road,etc.
levelflat;with no part higher than other part
modestnot having a high opinion of yourself
stoola seat that does not have a back or arms
manethe long hair on the neck of a horse or lion
thronethe special chair where king or queen sits
hatcheta small ax
decoya person or thing that is used to lead someone in the wrong direction
archpart of a building made up of 2 columns joined over the top in a curve
courtyardan area in a building that has no roof and is surrounded on all sides by the building
thresholdthe bottom part if a doorway leading into a building

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