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Cell Cycle stages IMC and steps in Mitosis PMAT

Cell cycle has 3 stages - IMC
Mitosis has 4 phases - PMAT

1st stage: Interphasecell grows & copies organelles & chromosomes
2nd stage Mitosis - Prophaseeach chromosome makes an exact copy of itself
2nd stage Mitosis - Metaphasechromosomes line up in the MIDDLE of the cell
2nd stage Mitosis - AnaphaseEach copy separates from original & membranes from each pair move AWAY to opposite ends of cell
2nd stage Mitosis - Telephasea new nuclear membrane forms around each new chromosome set
3rd stage: Cytokinesesa cell divides into 2 identical cells to parent cells
number of stages in cell cycle3 - IMC
number phases in Mitosis4 - PMAT

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