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Vocabulary #3

This is my vocab test

monetaryADJ. relating to money
MonosyllabicADJ. One silable, easy to understand
FelicityNOUN happiness bliss skill and glourious emotion
MilchGiving milk; kept for milking (cow)
AgapeADJ. Openmouthed in suprise and wonder
MootOf no importance
AvariceExcessive deisre for wealth; greed
INquistiveUnduly interested in the affairs of others
ApprehendTo take into custody; aggresive
EvadeVERB To escape or avoid by cleverness or deciet
CapitulateVERB to surrender unconditionaly or on stipulated terms
DefiladeA fortified postition offering protection from enemy fire
DespotismAbsolute power of authority
HypocrietSomeone who pretends to be somthing they are not
ParadoxA seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true
AngstNOUN A feeling of anxiety or apprhension often accopaineid by depression
UnrequitedUnretured (love)
VetoTHe power of a cheif executive to reject a bill passed by the legislature and thus prevent or dleay enactment into law

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