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Chapter 10 - "Trace Evidence I Hair and Fibers"

anagen phaseinitial growth phase during which the hair follicle actively produces hair
catagen phasetransition stage between the anagen and telogen phases of hair growth
cortexmain body of the hair shaft
cuticlescale structure covering the exterior of the hair
follicular tagtranslucent piece of tissue surround­ing the hair's shaft near the root that contains the richest source of DNA associated with hair
macromoleculemolecule with a high molecular mass
manufactured fibersfibers derived from either natural or synthetic polymers
medullacellular column running through the center of the hair
mitochondrial DNADNA present in small structures (mitochondria) outside the nucleus of a cell
moleculeTwo or more atoms held together by chemical bonds
monomerbasic unit of structure from which a polymer is constructed
natural fibersfibers derived entirely from animal or plant sources
nuclear DNADNA that is present in the nucleus of a cell and is inherited from both parents
polymersubstance composed of a large number of atoms that are usually arranged in repeating units
telogen phasefinal growth phase in which hair naturally falls out of the skin
hair follicleorgan of the skin from which hair grows
keratinhardened protein that forms hair and nail of mammals
nail polishused to form a cast of cuticle of hair
continuous medullamedulla runs the full length of hair shaft
interrupted medullamedulla has a few breaks as it runs up the shaft of hair
fragmented medullamedulla with many large breaks as it runs up the shaft of hair
bulb or flame shaped hair rootcharacteristic of hair root in anagen phase
elongated hair rootcharacteristic of hair root in catagen phase
flattened hair rootcharacteristic of hair root in telogen phase

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