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Question Words: Extended MORE


quisWho? (singular - nominative)
quīWho? (plural - nominative)
quemWhom? (sing. - accusative)
quōs/quās?Whom? (pl. - accusative)
cuī?To whom? (sing. - dative)
quibus?To whom? (pl - dative)
quid?What? (case depends on context)
quid facit?What's he doing? (verb - sing. present)
quid faciunt?What are they doing? (verb - pl. present)
quid faciēbat?What was he doing? (verb - sing. imp.)
quid faciēbant?What were they doing? (verb - pl. imp.)
quid fēcit?What did he do? (verb - sing. perf)
quid fēcērunt?What did they do? (verb - pl. perf)
ubi?Where? (prep phrase in/prope)
unde?From where? (prep phrase ex/de)
quō?To where (prep phrase ad)
quid fēcerant?What HAD they done?
quid fēcerat?What HAD he done?
quō modōhow? (adverb)
cūrwhy? (quod clause, cum clause, ut clause)
ā quibus?by whom? (plural) (abl of agent)
ā quō?by whom? (sing) (abl of agent)
quibus (abl)?with what things? (abl of means)
quō (abl)?with what thing? (abl of means)
qualis?what sort? (looking for the adjective)

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