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Latin II Culture Review--Final Exam*

popularesrepresented the lower classes
optimatesupper class, senators
Gracchiland reformers, represented the people, executed
novus homo"new man" first person in family to get elected to office
atriumoriginal site for meals
tricliniumroom with 3 couches/dining room
mappaenapkins to put leftovers in
liquamen/garumfish sauce
secundae mensaedessert
commissatiodrinking party
arbiter bibendimaster of drinking
Venusbest throw, all dice a different number
canisworst throw of dice, all ones
Cicerofamous speaker, spoke against Catiline
Julius Caesarconquered Gaul and attacked Britain
ludus litterariusgrammar school, equivalent to our elementary school
magister ludielementary school age teacher
paedagogustutor, carried books, supervised behavior
grammaticussecondary school teacher
Vergilwrote the Aeneid, epic which glorifies Rome
rhetorteacher of public speaking
Second TriumvirateOctavian, Antony, Lepidus
pax romanaperiod of peace prosperity and construction during Augustus's reign
Augustustitle awarded Octavian by the Senate (means "venerable")
Purpose of Hercules' Laborspunishment for killing wife and kids
Eurystheuscowardly king who told Hercules what his labors were
cause of Hercules's deathpoisoned blood on a coat burned him
Jasonsought the golden fleece
Medeawitch who helped Jason get his quest, killed their two children
Harpiesbird woman monsters Jason had to go through
ArgoJason's ship

Latin Teacher

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