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Vergil 1.1-33 People and Places

Achillēs, Achillis or Achillī (m)son of Pelus and Thetis, Greek chieftain in the Trojan War and hero of the Iliad
Albānus, -a, -umAlban, of Alba (Alba Longa, a city south of Rome and east of Lavinium)
Argī, -ōrumArgives (citizens of Argos, Greece), Greeks
Danaī, Danaum or Danaōrum (m pl)Danaans (descendants of Danaus, legendary king of Argos), Greeks
Ganymēdēs, Ganymēdis (m)son of Troy’s founder, Tros, whom Juppiter carried off to Olympus to be the cupbearer of the gods
Ītalia, -aealso known as Hesperia
Iūnō, Iūnōnisqueen of the gods, wife of Juppiter, and nemesis of the Trojans
Karthāgō, Karthāginis (f)capital of the Phoenician settlement in North Africa, modern Tunisia
Latium, -ī (n)the area of central Italy that included Rome and gives name to the language
Lāvīnius, -a, -umLavinian, of Lavinium (a town in Italy)
Libya, -aeNorth Africa (often = Carthage)
Mūsa, -aeprobably Calliope, the muse of epic poetry
Parca, -ae(in the plural) the Fates (Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, often depicted spinning thread for the tapestry of a person’s life)
Paris, Paridis (m)the Trojan prince, son of Priam, who awarded the apple of discord to Venus who gave him Helen, thus starting the Trojan war and angering Juno
Samos, -īan island off the coast of Asia Minor, birthplace of Juno and an important cult center
Sāturnius, -a, -umof Saturn
Tiberīnus, -a, umof the Tiber river
Trōia, -aeTroy
Trōs, Trōis nom pl Trōes, acc pl Trōasa Trojan (specifically Tros, founder of Troy)
Tyrius, -a, -umTyrian, of Tyre (of Phoenicia)

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