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cell wallthe thick covering of a plant cell made from nonliving fibers that protects the cell
cell membranea thin, living cell covering that lets water, food, and gases in and out of the cell
nucleusthe cell part that controls activities of other cell parts
vacuolestorage sacs in a cell that help push against the cell wall and keep it stiff
ctyoplasmthe jellylike fluid between the cell membrane and nucleus that vacuoles float in
chloroplastthe green cell part that traps sunlight which is used to make sugar for food
root hairsthreadlike cells that grow from a plant root and take in water and minerals from the soil
transpirationa process through which plants lose water through tiny openings in the underside of their leaves
stomataopenings in a leaf through which gases and water enter and leave
chlorophyllthe green material in plants that absorbs energy from sunlight
photosynthesisthe process by which plants make sugar from sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide
respirationthe process by which cells change sugar and oxygen into carbon dioxide and water, thereby releasing energy
fertilizationjoining of a sperm to an egg cell to form a seed
pollinationthe first step in fertilization, during which pollen moves from a stamen to a pistil
conifera plant that produces seeds in cones
sporea tiny cell that can grow into a new plant
bulban underground stem that grows fleshy storage leaves

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