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digestive system

students will match the parts of the digestive system with their function

teethchop and grind
salivachanges starch to sugar, adds liquid to the food
tonguemixes the food with the saliva
esophagusfood tube, pushes food down from the mouth to the stomach
stomachblends, churns, mixes food, digestive juices enter here to break food down
duodenumfirst part of the small intestine where food is broken down further by digestive juices and enzymes
small intestinenutrients are absorbed into the blood stream here
large intestinebacteria remove nutrients from waste, water is removed from waste
rectumstores solid waste
salivary glandsmake saliva
gall bladderstores bile and sends it to the small intestine
livermakes bile, stores nutrients that the body does not need right away
pancreasmakes chemicals needed to break down food, makes insulin
enzymechemical that breaks down food
insulinhelps cells use sugar
digestive juicesacids and enzymes in the stomach that break down food
bileyellow-green fluid that breaks down fat

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