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Vergil 1.12-22

colōnus, -ī (m)farmer; settler, colonist
ōstium, -ī (n)door; opening; mouth
ops, opis (f)power, ability; resources, wealth, riches (oft pl); aid, assistance
asper, aspera, asperumrough; sharp, thorny; violent, fiece, cruel, savage
posthabeō, -ēre, -uī, -itusto subordinate, esteem less, regard as inferior
currus, currūs (m)chariot
tendō, tendere, tetendī, tentus or tēnsusto extend (outward, upward), stretch out, spread out; to stretch back, pull tight, draw (a bow); to direct, aim (for), make one’s way (toward)
foveō, fovēre, fōvī, fōtusto keep warm; to comfort, soothe; to cherish (a hope that + acc + inf)
prōgeniēs, -ēī (f)offspring, progeny; race, family, lineage
excidium,-ī (n)(military) destruction
arx, arcis (f)citadel, stronghold, fortress

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