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Vergil 1.23-33

metuō, metuere, metuī, metūtusto fear, be afraid of; to view with alarm
excidō, excidere, excidīto fall from, fall off, drop out
repōnō, repōnere, reposuī, repositus or repostusto put back, replace; to restore; to put/store away; to put/lay down
spernō, spernere, sprēvī, sprētusto dissociate (from); to reject with scorn, spurn, disregard
iudicium, -ī (n)legal proceeding, trial; judgement, decision, verdict
iunūria, -ae (f)unlawful conduct; injustice, a wrong; injury, insult
invīsus, -a, umhateful, hated, odious, disliked
reliquiae, -ārum (f pl)remnants, remains; survivors; vestiges, traces
immītis, -is, -ebitter, sour; harsh, merciless
arceō, arcēre, arcuīto hold in, control, restrain; to keep away, repulse
agō, agere, ēgī, actusto do or drive
mōlēs, mōlismass, bulk; burden, trouble
vetus, veteris (adj)old, long-standing
genus, generis (n)race, family, tribe

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