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Review for Exam #4

This is a review over the notes you were given in class. You will have approximately 15 minutes to do some of the activities as a review.
Good Luck!

Resolutionadds to a picture's richness and realism, it is based on tiny electronic squares called pixels
Colors cancontrast, harmonize, and clash
Primary colors arered, green, and blue
harmonizing colors on the color wheelare adjacent
Huethe basic color that distinguishes one color from another
Saturationpurity of hue
Shadeadding black to a color
Tintadding light to a color
10 or 12the point size body text should be
Fonta complete set of characters in a specific face, style and size
Font Facethe design of a character
Font Sizethe height of the font, usually measured in points
Watermarkcan be found in Image Control under Format Picture options
Ungroup itto flip a clip art, you must first
Instead of underlining wordsbold, italicize or make larger
Monospaceall characters take up the same amount of space
Proportionaleach character takes up a proportional amount of space
en dashused between words indicating duration
em dashused in a manner similar to a colon or parentheses
Kerningthe proces of removing small units of space between letters
all capshard to read, tiring on your eyes
widowwhen a paragraph ends and leaves fewer than 7 characters on the last line
orphanwhen the last line of a paragraph won't fit at the bottom of a column and must end intself at the top of the next column
hyphenationsmore than 2 in a row are too many
leadingspace between lines
serifhas feet
sans serifdoesn't have feet

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