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The Odyssey part I

Terms and phrases from The Odyssey Part I.

HomerAuthor of The Odyssey
MuseAny of the nine goddessess of the Arts, Lit. & Sci.
TroyCity in Northwest Aisa Minor
HeliosThe sun god
ZeusKing of the gods
LaertesFather of Odysseus
IthacaIsland off the west coast of Greese
CalypsoLoveliest of all the Goddesses
CirceThe enchantress
IliumAnother name for Troy
AchaeansOdysseus' men
LeeAn area sheltered from the wind
PlunderGoods taken by force
SquallBrief, violent storm
DispatchedFinished quickly
BereftLeft in a sad and lonely state
CherishesHolds dear, feels love for
InsidiousCharacterized by treachery
Lotus EatersPeople who live drugged
Cyclopesa race of giants w/one eye
ApolloGod of music, poetry, phrophecy, and medicine
TalentsUnits of money in ancient Greece
MaronEuanthes' son
WheyThin watery part of milk
WithyTough, flexable twigs
AgamemnonKing who led the Greek army during the Trojan War
AtruesFather of Agamemnon
PoseidonGod of the sea and earthquakes
BraceA pair
AthenaThe goddess of wisdom, skills, and warfare
LuggerA ship equipped w/a four sided sail
Nector and AmbrosiaDrink and food of the gods
PolyphemusThe Cyclops
Carrion rogueRepulsive scoundrel
ErebusThe dark region under the earth
CronusA titan who was ruler of the earth
PersephoneWife of Hades
TelemachusSon of Odysseus
OdysseusHero of the story

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