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Clinical Masking

interaural attenuationloss of dB from crossover
crossoverreduction of energy between ears
critical bandcomponents of noise that have a masking effect
broadband noiseenergy present at all frequencies at equal levels per cycle
narrow band noiserestricted band of frequencies with center frequency
white noiseanother term for broadband noise
pink noisespeech shaped noise with equal levels per octave
overmaskingcrossover from non test ear that masks the test ear
undermaskinginsufficient masking in non-test ear
maskinginterference of primary acoustic signal by secondary source
plateau methodthreshold shift procedure using masking
minimal masking levelleast noise required to just mask the crossover signal in nontest ear
central maskingthreshold shift mediated by CNS when masking
masking dilemmaovermasking occurring at initial masking levels
air-bone gapdifference in air and bone conduction thresholds
SALtechnique for determining the amount of conductive hearing loss
maximum masking levelgreatest intensity for masking without overmasking
initial masking levelair conduction threshold of the nontest ear
effective maskingthe dB HL to which the threshold is shifted by a given noise level
occlusion effectdecreased low-frequency interaual attenuation in occluded condition
shadow curveunmasked threshold crossover response of nontest ear

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