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5C: Civil Rights

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alliancesA close association of nations, formed to advance common interests or causes (Ex. defense, trade, etc.)
ambassador– An official of the government who represents the nation in diplomatic matters.
economic sanction- Economic penalties applied by one country(s) on another for economic or political reasons. (Ex: Tariffs, duties, quotas, or embargoes)
embargoAn order prohibiting trade with another country.
executive agreementA pact made by the President directly with the head of a foreign state; unlike a treaty it does not require Senate consent.
foreign aidEconomic, military, technical, and financial assistance given to other countries.
foreign policyPolicies of the federal government directed to matters beyond United States borders, especially relations with other countries.
foreign policy goalsWorld Peace, Aid to Democratic Governments, Free/Open Trade, National Security, Concern for Humanity.
internationalism/interventionismThe doctrine that nations should cooperate because their common interests are more important than their differences
isolationismThe views that the United States should withdraw from world affairs, limit foreign aid, and avoid involvement in foreign wars.
national sovereigntySupremacy of authority as exercised by a sovereign or state.
secretary of state– Head and chief administrator of the Department of State. Advises the president on foreign affairs.
secretary of defenseHead and chief administrator of the Department of Defense. Advises the president on military matters.
tariffA list of duties or taxes placed by a government on imported or exported goods.
tradeTo engage in the exchange, purchase or sale of resources, goods or services.
treatyA formal agreement between two or more sovereign states.
AmericorpsNational service programs that try to meet critical needs in education, public safety, health and the environment.
CAFTA– Creates a free trade zone among the United States Costa Rico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.
European Union- An organization of European nations that establishes the legal European citizenship and sets economic (Euro) and political policies of its member nations.
IMF: International Monetary FundAn international organization of 184 countries established to promote monetary cooperation and exchange stability. The organization also fosters economic growth and high levels of employment and provides temporary financial assistance.
International Red Cross/Crescent– International humanitarian organizations with the mission to care for the sick and wounded in war and help relieve suffering caused by pestilence, floods, fires, and other calamities.
NAFTA- An agreement that removed trade restrictions among the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to increase free cross-border trade.
NATO– Defensive alliance/treaty. It was created in 1949 and its members - the United States, Canada, most Western European nations, and Turkey – agreed to combine forces to treat any war against one as a war against all.
Peace Corps– A federal government organization, set up in 1961, that trains and sends American volunteers abroad to work with people in developing countries on projects for technological, agricultural, and educational improvement
United NationsInternational organization designed after WWII to promote world peace and cooperation among nations.
World BankA department of the United Nations. It is one of the world's largest sources of development assistance with a primary focus on helping the poorest people and the poorest countries.
World Health Organization (WHO)– An international organization committed to assisting under-developed nations combat health related issues including simple childhood diseases and epidemics.
World Trade Organization (WTO)An international organization based in Geneva that monitors and enforces rules governing global trade.

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