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Cell Biology

Cell organelles, scientists, and more

HookeCoined the word "cell"
SchleidenConcluded plants are made of cells
Compound Light Microscope2 or more lenses to magnify specimen
Scanning e- microscopeobject in vacuum is hit with e- / 3D on screen
Transmission e- miscroscopee- pass thru object (must be thin) in vacuum
SchwannConcluded that all animals are made of clls
LeeuwenhoekDescribed cells as seen thru simple microscope
Vacuolemembrane-bound, fluid-filled sac
golgi apparatusclosely-stacked, flattened membrane sacs
ribosomessite of protein assembly
endoplasmic reticulumfolded membrane that forms transport system in cell's cytoplasm
lysosomedigests excess/worn out cell parts, food, viruses or bacteria
vacuoletemp storage for food, enzymes, and waste
golgi apparatusmodifies proteins chemically and repackages them
chloroplastcontains inner membranes arranged in sacs called grana
plastidsplant organelles that store starches or lipids or contain pigments
chromatinlong diffused working strands of DNA
chromosomesbundles of DNA used only in cell division
nucleoluswhere RNA is made
cytoplasmsemisolid gell, makes up 80% of cell
leukoplaststores starch
chromoplastcontains red or blue pigments
ATPadenosine triphosphate
ADTadenosine diphosphate
christaeinner membrane of mitochondria
mitochondriadivides like bacteria
mitochondriacan make about 90 of own proteins
Tay-Sachslysosome disease when lacking enzymes

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