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Vergil 1.34-49

cōnspectus, -ūs (m)sight, view; appearance; contemplation
tellūs, tellūris (f)ground, earth; land, country
vēlum, -ī (n)sail; sheet, awning, cloth
(ventīs) vēla dare (idiom)to expose one’s sails (to the winds), to sail
spūma, -ae (f)foam, froth
aes, aeris (n)bronze; (bronze prow of a ship)
ruō, ruere, ruīto rush; to rush wildly, charge; to collapse, to rush through/over
aeternus, -a, umendless, eternal, everlasting, enduring
inceptum, -ī (n)undertaking, enterprise; attempt, intention
dēsistō, dēsistere, dēstitīto leave off, desist, cease (from) (+ abl, dat or prep)
exūrō, exūrere, exussī, exustusto destroy by fire, burn completely, incinerate
classis, classis (f)naval force, fleet
summergō, summergere, summersī, summersusto (cause to) sink, submerge
pontus, -ī (m)sea
noxa, -ae (f)injurious behavior, wrongdoing
furia, -ae (f)avenging rage, fury; goddess of vengeance, Fury
iaculor, -ārī, -ātus sumto throw a javelin; to shoot at, strike; to hurl, throw
disiciō, disicere, disiēcī, disiectusto break up and scatter, disperse; to dispell
ratis, ratis (f)raft, boat, ship
exspīrō (1)to breathe out, exhale; to expire, die, perish
trānsfīgō, trānsfīgere, trānsfīxī, trānsfīxusto pierce through, puncture
turbō, turbinis (m)spinning object, top; whilrwind, tornado; whirlpool
corripiō, corripere, corripuī, correptusto seize hold of, snatch up, seize and carry off;
scopulus, -ī (m)projecting rock, crag, cliff, peak; boulder
īnfīgō, īnfīgere, īnfīxī, īnfīxusto drive in, implant; to transfix, impale
acūtus, -ā, -umpointed, sharp, tapering; high-pitched
dīvus, -ī (dīvum = dīvōrum)god (of the gods)
adōrō (1)to approach as a suppliant, to pray to, worship
supplex, supplicismaking humble entreaty, (as a) suppliant
vetō, vetāre, vetuī, vetitusto forbid

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