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Vergil 1.50-63

flammō (1)to set fire to, burn, inflame
volutō (1)to roll (forward); to turn over (in the mind), think about
nimbus, -ī (m)rain-cloud, cloud; downpour
fētus, -a, -umhaving young offspring; pregnant; teeming, abounding
furō, furereto be mad, be crazed; to rage
vāstus, -a, -umuncivilized, desolate; awe-inspiring; immense, huge
antrum, -ī (n)cave, cavern
luctor, -ārī, -ātus sumto wrestle; to struggle (to escape), resist violently
sonōrus, -a, -umloud, resounding, sonorous, noisy
premō, premere, pressī, pressusto press, grip tightly; to press upon (in pursuit); to subdue, suppress, hold back; to tread upon, step on
vinculum or vinclum, -īchain, shackle; link, bond
carcer, carceris (m)jail, prison, dungeon; the barriers at the start of a race-course
frēnō (1)to control horses with a bridle, to rein in
indignāns, indignantisfull of anger, resentful, indignant
claustrum, -ībolt, bar (for a door or gate); cage, prison; stalls (on a race-course)
fremō, fremere, fremuī, fremitūrusto rumble, roar, growl; to grumble, cry out, clamor for
celsus, -a, -umhigh, lofty, tall
scēptrum, -īroyal staff, sceptre; sovereignty, kingship
molliō (4)to soften, relax; to sooth, make calm
temperō (1)to exercise restraint, restrain oneself; to restrain, moderate, temper; to control, regulate
profundus, -a, -umdeep, bottomless; dense, profound; boundless
verrō, verrere, versusto sweep clean, sweep away, sweep along
aura, -aeair; breeze, wind; atmosphere; breath; pl = the heavens
omnipotēns, omnipotentisall-powerful, omnipotent; with pater often = Jupiter
abdō, abdere, abdidī, abditusto hide, conceal; to bury
āter, -tra, -trumblack, dark-colored; dark
foedus, foederis (n)agreement, treaty, league
laxus, -a, -umspacious, roomy; loose, slack
ūtor, ūtī, ūsus sum (+abl)to use, make use of

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