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Vergil 1.64-80

mulceō, mulcēreto touch lighly, caress; to soothe, pacify, calm
flūctus, -ūs (m)wave, billow, waters
inimīcus, -a, -umunfriendly, hostile; harmful
incutiō, incutere, incussī, incussusto strike (on/into); to instil (into)
obruō, obruere, obruī, obrūtusto overwhelm, overturn, sink
puppis, puppis (acc puppim) (f)stern of a boat; boat, ship
dīversus, -a, -umseparated, different, set apart
praestāns, praestantissuprassing others, outstanding, excellent
cōnūbium , -īintermarriage, wedding
stabilis, -is, -estanding firm, steady, lasting, enduring
proprius, -a, -umone’s own property
exigō, exigere, exēgī, exāctusto drive out/forth; to achieve, complete; to spend (time in)
prōlēs, prōlis (f)offspring, progeny; race
explōrō (1)to inspect, ascertain
capessō, capessere, capessīvīto take hold, undertake
fās (indeclinable!) (n)right, ordained (by divine law); morally right
conciliō (1)to join, unite; to win over; gain the favor of
epulae, epulārum (f pl)banquet, feast
aequor, aequoris (n)expanse, sea; plain
summergō, summergere, summersī, summersusto cause to sink, submerge
iussa, iussōrum (n pl)commands, orders
tollō, tollere, sustulī, sublātusto raise, lift

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