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Vergil 1.40-80 People and Places

Siculus, -a, -umof Sicily, Sicilian
Teucrī, -ōrumdescendants of Teucer (father-in-law of Dardanus and ancestor of the Trojan kings), Trojans
Pallas, Palladis (f)Minerva
Argīvus, -a, -umof Argos, Greek
Aiax, Aiācis (m)son of Oileus, Greek hero in the Trojan war
Oīleus, -īking of the Locrians and one of the Argonauts)
Iuppiter, Iovis (m)king of the gods, husband of Iuno
Auster, Austrīthe south wind
Aeolia, -ae (f)land of the winds
Tyrrhēnus, -a, -umTyrrhenian, Tuscan, Etruscan (west of Latium, north of Sicily)
Īlium, -ī (n)another name for Troy
Penātēs, Penātium (m pl)gods who protected the Roman family and thus the state
Dēiopēa, -aefairest of the Nymphs who attend on Juno

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