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Harris Lit Comp Vocab Lesson 1

intercedeTo plead on behalf of someone else
hackneyedused so oftern as to lack freshness or orginiality
approbationthe expression of approval or favorable opinion
innuendoa hint
elicitto draw forth
coalitiona combination, union or merger for some specific purpose
hiatusa gap
assuageto make easier or milder
decadencedecline, decay or deterioration
expostulateto attempt to dissuade someone from the course or decision by earnest reasoning
simulateto make a pretense of , imititate
jadedwearied, worn out
unctuousoffense, resentment
prerogativea special right or privilege
luridcausing shock,horror, or revulsion
transcendto rise above or beyond
provincialpertaining to an outlaying area; narrow in mind or out look
petulantpeevish, annoyed by triffles
umbrageexcessively smooth, oily, or smug
meritoriousworthy, deserving recognition and praise

Daniel Hand High School

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