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Vergil 1.81-101

cavus, -a, -umhaving a depression on the surface, concave; hollow; full of caves, cavernous, porous
cuspis, cuspidis (f)sharp point, tip (of a spear); spear, lance
latus, lateris (n)side (of a body or an object); flank (of an army)
agmen, agminis (n)stream, current (of water); multitude, throng; series, succession, line; line (of troops), army, march; herd, team (of horses)
perflō (1)to blow across/over, sweep through
incubō, incubāre, incubuī, incubitūrusto lie/recline (on); to bood (over); to swoop down (on)
īmus, -a, -umlowest, bottommost; lowest part of, bottom of; deepest, innermost
Eurus, -ī (m)East (southeast) wind
Notus, -ī (m)South wind
crēber, -bra, -brumat frequent intervals, closely spaced; frequent, repeated, constant; numerous, abundant; crowded/packed (with), full (of)
procella, -ae (f)violent wind, storm, gale, squall
Āfricus, -ī (m)Southwest wind
īnsequor, īnsequī, īnsectūrus sumto follow closely, pursue, chase; to assault
strīdor, strīdōris (m)high-pitched sound
rudēns, rudentis (m)rope
polus, -ī (m)(north and south) pole; heaven, sky
aethēr, aetheris (acc aethera) (m)(upper) air, heaven, sky
praesēns, praesentispresent, face to face; immediate, instant
intentō (1)to hold out (toward), point (at); to make threats of, threaten
extemplō (adv)without delay, at once, immediately
frīgus, frīgoris (n)cold, cold weather; chill; weakness, numbness, torpor
membrum, -ī (n)part/organ of the body, limb, member; body
ingemō, ingemere, ingemuīto utter a cry of pain/anguish, moan, groan
duplex, duplicis(folded) double; two together, both
sīdus, sīderis (n)heavenly body, star, planet; the heavens, stars
palma, -ae (f)palm (of the hand)
quateron four occasions, four times; four times (in degree)
beātus, -a, -umhappy, fortunate, blessed
contingō, contingere, contingī, contāctusto be in contact with, touch
quīs …contingitto whom it fell (to); freely, whose lot it was (to)
oppetō, oppetere, oppetīvī, oppetītusto encounter, meet; to meet one’s death, perish
tēlum, -ī (n)weapon, spear
occumbō, occumbere, occumbuīto be laid low, meet with (death); to fall, die
solvō, solvere, solvī, solūtusto loosen, untie
scūtum, -īshield
galea, -aehelmet

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