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Vergil 1.102-123

strīdō, strīdere, strīdīto creak, squeak, grate; to whistle, shriek, howl
Aquilō, Aquilōnis (m)North wind, northeast wind
adversus, -a, -umopposite, in/from the opposite direction, facing, opposing, in front of
rēmus, -ī (m)oar
prōra, -ae (f)prow; ship
cumulus, -ī (m)heap, pile, mound; mass (of water), wave
praeruptus, -a, -umbroken off, precipitous, sheer
dehīscō, dehīscereto split open, gape
aestus, -ūs (m)heat, hot weather; stormy sea, surge, swell
saxum, -ī (n)rock, boulder, stone
lateō, latēre, latuīto hide, lie hidden, be concealed; to escape the notice of
torqueō, torquēre, torsī, tortusto twist tightly; to turn, roll; to hurl
dorsum, -ī (n)back; ridge, reef
immānis, -is, -esavage, brutal; frightful; of enormous size, huge
breviashallow (water), shallows, shoals
inlīdō, inlīdere, inlīsī, inlīsusto injure by crushing; to dash (on/into)
vadum, -ī (n)shallow, shoal; bottom (of the sea)
agger, aggeris (m)mound, heap, pile; earthwork, rampart; bank (of a river)
cingō, cingere, cīnxī, cīnctusto surround, encircle; to gird up one’s dress; to gird, equip
fīdus, -a, -umfaithful, loyal, devoted; trustworthy, reliable
vertex, vertices (m)whirlpool, eddy; whirlwind; crown of the head; summit, peak, top
excutiō, excutere, excussī, excussusto shake off/out, knock off/out; to throw out, expel
ibīdemin that very place, in the same place
vorō (1)to swallow ravenously, devour; to engulf
rārus, -a, -umloose, loosely woven; widely spaced, scattered, here and there
nō, nāre, nāvīto swim
gurges, gurgitis (m)eddy, whirlpool; stream, flood
tabula, -ae (f)flat piece of wood, board, plank
gaza, -ae (f)treasure
validus, -a, -umpowerful, strong, robust; tough, sturdy
grandaevus, -a, -umof great old age, aged
hiems, hiemis (f)winter, wintry weather; rough weather, storm
compāgēs, compāgis (f)binding, bond, tie; joint, seam
fatīscō, fatīscereto split open, crack, gape
feriō (4)to strike, hit, kill
abripiō, abripere, abripuī, abreptusto snatch away
vehō, vehere, vexī, vectusto be carried, travel
laxus, laxa, laxumgaping, loose, roomy, spacious
rīma, -aecrack

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