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Vergil 1.124-141

refūsus, -a, -umpoured back, churned up, overflowed
graviterheavily; gravely, grievously, seriously; intensely
misceō, miscēre, miscuī, mixtusto mix, stir up, throw into confustion
prōspiciō, prōspicere, prōspexī, prōspectusto see before one, see in front; to watch; to look forth/ahead
placidus, -a, -umkindly, indulgent; calm, tranquil, peaceful; calming
Zephyrus, -ī (m)West wind
dehincthereupon, then
for, fārī, fātus sumto speak, talk; to speak prophetically; to say, tell
fīdūcia, -ae (f) (often + gen)trust (in), reliance (on), confidence (in)
praestō, praestāre, praestitī, praestātusto excel, surpass, to be preferable, be better, be more important
commissium, -ī (n)undertaking, enterprise, deed; misdeed, offense
luō, luere, luīto atone for, make amends for, expiate, pay for
mātūrō (1)to bring to maturity; to hasten, hurry
fuga, -ae (f)running away, flight
pelagus, -ī (n)sea, ocean
sors, sortis (f)lot; destiny, fortune
aula, -ae (f)courtyard; royal residence, palace

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