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Vergil 1.81-141 People and Places

Eurus, -ī (m)East (southeast) wind
Notus, -ī (m)South wind
Āfricus, -ī (m)Southwest wind
Aenēās, Aenēae, Aenēān (acc), Aenēā (voc)our hero, son of Venus and Anchises
Tydīdēs, -ae, Tydīdē (m)Diomedes, Son of Tydeus
Īliacus, -a, -umOf Illium, Trojan
Aecidēs, -ae (m)Son/decendent of Aecus; Achilles
Hector, Hectoris, Hectora (m)son of Priam, killed by Achilles
Sarpēdōn, Sarpēdonis (m)son of Jupiter, killed by Achilles best friend Patroclus
Simoīs, Simoentisa tributary of the Trojan river Scamander
Aquilō, Aquilōnis (m)North wind, northeast wind
Syrtis, Syrtis (f)sandy coastal region of east Carthage; sandbanks, shoals
Lycius, -a, -umof Lycia (a country in southern Asia Minor, an ally of Troy)
Orontēs, Orontī, Orontēn (m)a Lycian warrior
Īlioneus, -ī (m); Abās, Abantis (m); Alētēs, Alētī (m)Trojan warriors
Achātēs, Achāctae, Achātē (m)Aeneas's best friend, always faithful
Zephyrus, -ī (m)West wind

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