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Chapter 35 Culture

novus homonew man to politics, no connections
plot to overthrow gov't spoiled by CiceroCataline
concordia ordinumjoining of equestrians & senators to support republican constitution
who formed 1st triumviratePompey, Caesar, & Crassus
consequences of 1st triumviratepassage of veteran's and bill, Caesar 5 yr term as proconsul in Gaul, Crassus got financial concessions for equestrians
events that caused dissolution of 1st triumvirateJulia died, Crassus killed, mass rioting in Rome
senatus consultum ultimumempowered Pompey to order Caesar to disband his army
Caesar's response to senatus consultum ultimumhe led his legions across Rubicon & began an assualt on Rome
result of Caesar's reactions to senatus consultum ultimumcivil war erupted with Caesar fighting Pompey & optimates in Senate
Pompey's military strategyattack Caesar in Italy with troops from Greece and Spain
how did caesar answer Pompey's strategybegan to build a fleet & subdued army in Spain
how did Pompey diekilled by agents of King Ptolemy XIII
how did Caesar consolidate powerput Cleo on throne of Egypt, defeated Pharnaces in Asia Minor, crossed Rubicon with troops, & destroyed what was left of Pompey's troops in Spain
Caesar's reformsCitizenship to Gallia, sent Romans to create colonies, public works, & calendar
2 men who plotted to kill CaesarCassius & Brutus
why kill Caesarafraid of his power since he had weakened Senate
when was Caesar killedIdes of March, 44BC
where was Caesar killedin front of Senate at feet of Pompey's statue

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