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Vergil 1.142-156

dictum, -ī (n)utterance, word, speech
tumidus, -a, -umswollen, distended
plācō (1)to placate, conciliate; to calm; to appease
colligō, colligere, collēgī, collēctusto gather together, collect, pick-up
fugō (1)to cause to flee, drive away, dispel
adnītor, adnītī, adniīxus sumto rest on, lean on, support oneself on; to exert oneself, make an effort
dētrūdō, dētrūdere, dētrūsī, dētrūsusto push away, push off
levōto lift (up), raise; to support; to lift off, remove; to relieve, lighten
perlābor, perlābī, perlāpsus sumto move smoothly through, glide over, skim
saeviō, saevīre, saeviī, saevītūrusto behave ferociously, rage; to be violent
ignōbilis, -is, -eunknown; of low birth, common; ignoble, base
fax, facis (f)torch; firebrand; light
volō (1)to fly, move through the air; to move quickly, hurry, speed
ministrō (1)to act as a servant; to provide; to manage, look after, regulate
sileō, silēre, siluīto make no sound, be silent; to stop speaking, grow silent
arrēctus, -a, -umraised up, erect; upright, standing on end; attentive
auris, auris (f)ear
astō, astāre, astitīto stand by/nearby; to stand at/on/in; to stand still
genitor, genitōris (m)father, creator
invehō, invehere, invexī, invectusto carry, transport; to ride, drive
flectō, flectere, flexī, flexusto bend, curve; to turn, redirects; to influence
lōrum, -ī (n)leather, strap, thong
secundus, -a, -umfollowing; moving, coursing; compliant, favorable, propitious

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