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Ender's Game Symbols and Meanings

Main symbols from Fairyland and their meanings

Giant's eyeportal and window to the soul
Giant's headinside Ender's mind
breadlife and comfort
wellwishes and portal to the unknown
unicornhealing and beauty
dragonpower, death, greed, and wisdom
castlesafety and protection--also power
mirrorshows true self, shows how Ender views himself
playgroundwhat Ender wants to do and what he can't do
wolf-childrenEnder's fears of those around him
pathleads to someplace, someone had to create it
Drink Traveler signexpectation--has been waiting for Ender
gems and foodtemptation and test
friendly-looking animals in cagessomething good trapped or something evil contained
forestdarkness and unknown
Queen of HeartsValentine, mother figure
snakepower to heal or to kill
End of the Worldportal, what Ender wants
ledgelimited choice
black cloud of smokeconcentrated evil
dwarf villiagesomething useful out of Ender's violence
GiantPeter, mean, evil, misunderstood
ratsdisease, filth, Ender's remorse
children at the playgroundEnder is different, not accepted, not a child
Peter eating the snakeEnder's fears about his true self
batgreeter, death and the undead, misunderstood creature
eye goooffering, payment to get into Fairyland
crowd with Peter's facehow Ender sees everyone around him, bullies
stairs down from the towerthe only way out
kisses the snakeEnder must choose love over violence to survive

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