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Students will be able to match weather expressions from various tenses

Il fait du soleil.It is sunny.
Il fait beau.It is nice.
Il fait chaud.It is warm/hot.
Il fait du vent.It is windy.
Il fait frais.It is cool.
Il y a un orage.It is stormy.
Il fait mauvais.It is not nice outside.
Il fait froid.It is cold.
Il fait du brouillard.It is foggy.
Le ciel est couvert.It is cloudy.
Il y a du verglas.It is icy.
Il neige.It is snowing.
Il pleut.It is raining.
Il a fait du soleil.It was sunny.
Il a fait beau.It was nice.
Il a fait du vent.It was windy.
Le ciel a été couvert.It was cloudy.
Il a plu.It rained.
Il a neigé.It snowed.
Il y a eu du verglas.It was icy.
Il va faire du soleil.It is going to be sunny.
Il va faire beau.It is going to be nice.
Il va faire chaud.It is going to be warm.
Il va faire du vent.It is going to be windy.
Il va faire mauvais.It is not going to be nice.
Il va faire du brouillard.It is going to be foggy.
Le ciel va être couvert.It is going to be cloudy.
Il va y avoir du verglas.It is going to be icy.
Il va neiger.It is going to snow.
Il va pleuvoir.It is going to rain.

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