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Vergil 1.157-179

Aeneadēs, Aeneadaecompanions of Aeneas, Trojans
cursus, -ūs (m)running, rushing; journey, course; at a run, quickly
contendō, contedere, contendī, contentusto draw tight, stretch; to exert, strive; hasten; to compete, contend
vertunturare turned; turn themselves, turn
sēcessus, -ūs (m)withdrawal, seclusion; secluded place
portus, -ūs (m)harbor, port
efficiō, efficere, effēcī, effectusto construct, make; to make naturally, form
obiectus, -ūs (m)interposition; barrier
sinus, -ūs (m)fold, clothes; chest, breast, bosom; embrace; innermost part, heart; curve, bend; bay, gulf
Hinc atque hincon both sides
rūpēs, rūpis (f)steep rocky cliff, crag
minor, -ārī, -ātus sumto threaten, menace
tūtus, -a, -umprotected, secure, safe; free of danger, without risk
tumin addition/besides, further on
scaena, -ae (f)background, scenery, stage
coruscus, -a, -umtrembling, quivering; flashing, gleaming; glistening
dēsuperfrom above, up above
horreō, horrēre, horruīto stand up, bristle, be rigid; to be unsightly, dreadful, gloomy, to shudder, shiver, be fearful
nemus, nemoris (n)woodland, forest; thicket; sacred grove
immineō, imminēreto rise up, project, overhang, overlook, be overhead
intuswithin, inside
dulcis, -is, -esweet; not salty, fresh; delightful, dear
sedīle, sedīlis (n)seat, bench, chair
fessus, -a, -umtired, weary, exhausted
uncus, -a, -umcurved at the end, hooked
alligō (1)to tie, bind, fasten
ancora, -ae (f)anchor
morsus, -ūs (m)biting, bite; grip, hook
subeō, subīre, subiī, subitusto go/move underneath; to support, carry, lift; to move/rise up; to come up to, approach; to come next, follow
tābeō, tābēreto waste away, rot; decay; to melt, drip
artus, -ūs (m)joint; arm, leg, limb
silex, silicus (m)hard rock, stone, flint
scintilla, -ae (f)spark
excūdō, excūdere, excūdī, excūsusto hammer out, forge, fashion; to cause to be emitted by striking, strike out
suscipiō, suscipere, suscēpī, susceptusto catch from below, save; to support, hold up; to take up, have
folium, -ī (n)leaf
āridus, -a, -umdevoid of moisture, dry
nūtrīmentum, -ī (n)nourishment, sustenance
fōmes, fōmitis (m)wood chips, kindling
expediō (4)to untie, unwrap; to make ready, prepare; to be prepared, ready, make one’s way
frūx, frūgis (f)produce, fruit; grain
torreō, torrēre, torruī, tostusto heat, dry out

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