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Roman Republic

Discusses the structure of Roman government and society.

republicgovernment in which the citizens have the right to select their own leader
patricianaristocratic landowner
plebeianfarmer, artisan, or merchant; commoner
tribuneprotects the rights of and represents the plebeians in the assembly
consulofficial; like a king
legionmilitaty unit consisting of 5000 men
HannibalCarthigenian general who invaded Northern Italy
ScipioRoman general who defeated Hannibal
Julius Caeserambitious leader murdered by Cassius and Brutus
triumvirateleadership established by Julius Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey
Pax Romanaa period of peace and prosperity throughout the Roman Empire
gladiatora professional fighter
Jesusbelieved by many as a savior
Diasporathe movung away of the Jews from their homeland in Palestine
Constantineended persecution of the Jews
bishophead of all the churches in the area
popehead of the Christian Church
heresystatements or writings that questioned or contradicted the church
inflationa large drop in the value of money and rise in the price of goods
mercenaryforeign soldiers who fought for money
Diocletiandetermined army general and Roman emperor
AlaricVisgoth king
VisgothsGermanic tribes
Attilaking of the Huns
Greco-Roman culturea blend of Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman cultures
PompeiiRoman town buried after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius
VirgilRoman poet who wrote the Aeneid
aqueducta canal or pipeline built to carry water
artisansskilled workers
caravanstraders travelling together
Twelve Tablesset of "written" rules protecting Romen citizens' rights

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