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Vergil 1.180-207

cōnscendō, cōnscendere, cōnscendī, cōnscensusto go on board, set out on; to climb to, ascend
prōspectus, -ūs (m)vista, view
birēmis (f)ship with two rows of oars, bireme
cervus, -ī (m)stag, deer
armentum, -ī (n)herd
pāscō, pāscere, pāvī, pāstusto feed, pasture; to feed (on), to graze (on)
cōnstō, cōnstāre, cōnstitīto stand together, take up a position, stand (up)
arcus, -ūs (m)bow
sagitta, -ae (f)arrow
ductor, ductōris (m)military commander, leader
cornū, -ūs (n)orn, antler
arboreus, -a, -umof/belonging to trees; treelike
sternō, sternere, strāvī, strātusto lay out on the ground, spread; to scatter, strew; to strike down, lay low, slay
frondeus, -a, -umabounding in foliage, leafy
priusquambefore, until
abisistō, absistere, abstitīto stand back, withdraw; to strop, cease
fundō, fundere, fūdī, fūsusto pour (out); to emit; to give birth to; to pour forth, utter freely; to rout, drive out; to lay low, slay; to spread (out), stretch (out)
humus, -ī (f)earth, ground
aequō (1)to make level; to make equal,equalize, equate; to match
socius, -ī (m)companion, comrade; partner, collegue; ally
partiō (4)to share, distribute, divide out, apportion
cadus, -ī (m)jug, jar
hērōs, hērōoshero, heroic
maereō, maerēreto be sad, mourn, grieve
ignārus, -a, -umignorant, unaware (of), unacquainted (with)
rabiēs, -ēī (f)savageness, ferocity (of animals); frenzy, madness
penitusfrom within; far within, deep down; far (away)
sonō, sonāre, sonuī, sonitusto make a noise, sound; to echo, resound; to sound like, produce the sound
accēdō, accēdere, accessī, accessusto come/go to, draw near, approach, reach
maestus, -a, -umunhappy, sad, mournful; gloomy, stern, grim
iuvō, iuvāre, iūvī, iūtusto help, assist; it helps, profits, avails
discrīmen, discrīminis (n)dividing point; critical point, crisis; danger
quiētus, -a, -umpeaceful
fāsit is divinely ordained for...
resurgō, resurgere, resurrēxī, resurrectusto rise again, get up again; to be restored
dūrō (1)to harden; to become hard; to harden oneself, endure

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