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Vergil 1.208-222

frustrum, -ī (n)scrap (of food)
spēs, -eī (f)hope, expectation
praeda, -ae (f)booty, plunder, spoil, loot; prey
accingō, accingere, accīnxī, accīnctusto gird, surround; to equip, arm; to prepare, get ready (for)
daps, dapis (f)sacrificials meal; feast, banquet
tergus, tergoris (n)back
dīripiō, dīripere, dīripuī, dīreptusto tear away, pull off; to plunder, rob
costa, -ae (f)rib; flank, back
nūdō (1)to strip bare, strip off;to uncover, expose (to view), reveal
secō, secāre, secuī, sectusto sever, cut; to cut into pieces; to cut through, move rapidly through, cleave a path through
verū, verūs (n)spit, skewer
figō, figere, fīxī, fīxusto drive in, fix in, insert; to pierce, shoot; to set down, place firmly, plant
aēnum, -ī (n)bronze vessel; pot, cauldron
victus, -ūs (m)sustenance, nourishment, food; way of life
herba, -ae (f)small plant, herb, grass
impleō, implēre, implēvī, implētusto fill
ferīna, -ae (f)flesh of wild animals, meat
āmittō, āmittere, āmīsī, āmissusto send away; to lose
dubius, -a, -umuncertain, undecided, hesitant, wavering
seu, sīvewhether, if
extrēmus, -a, -umsituated at the end, the end of; the rear of; last (part of); final; end (of life); extreme
exaudiō (4)to hear
praecipuēparticularly, especially
vīs, vis (vīrēs pl)strength
cāsus, cāsūs (m)falling, fall; accident, chance; event; misfortune, disaster, risk

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