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7th Grade Chapter 1 Review Games

The Meaning of Science

sciencea method of obtaining knowledge about nature
hypothesisa proposed answer to a question about nature (an educated guess)
theorya hypothesis that has been tested many times and is supported by evidence
technologythe use of scientific knowledge to improve the quality of human life
meterthe base unit of length
gramthe base unit of mass
literthe base unit of volume
kiloone thousand (k)
centione hundredth (c)
millione thousandth (m)
massa measure of the amount of matter in an object
matteranything that has mass and takes up space
weighta measure of the force of gravity acting on matter
volumea measure of how much space an object takes up
controlled experimenta method for testing a hypothesis
variablea factor that makes the experimental group different from the control group
balancea tool used to measure mass
graduated cylindera tool used to measure volume
area=length X width
volume=length X width X height

Mr. Vogt & Mr. Sulcoski

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