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Vergil 1.254-274

subrīdeō, subrīdēre, subrisī, subrīsusto smile (at)
sator, satōris (m)sower, planter; progenitor, creator
serēnō (1)to clear up, brighten, lighten
lībō (1)to pour a libation of, make an offering of; to touch lightly; to kiss gently
nāta, -ae (f)daughter
immōtus, -a, -umunmoved, motionless; undisturbed; unchanged, unaltered
cernō, cernere, crēvī, crētusto sift; to distinguish, separate; to see, perceive
sublīmus, -is, -ehigh up, aloft
magnanimus, -a, -umgreat-hearted, great-spirited; noble, brave, bold
remordeō, remordēre, remordī, remorsusto bite back; to gnaw, vex, bother
arcānum, -ī (n)secret, mystery
contundō, contundere, contundī, contūsusto pound to pieces, crush; to subdue, quell, suppress
ternī, -ae, -athree, three at a time, three in a row, three successive
hiberna, -ōrum (n pl)(time spent in) winter encampment; winters
subigō, subigere, subēgī, subāctusto drive from below, to tame, subdue
rēs (pūblica)state (political)
trīgintā30 (indeclinable)
orbēscircuits (of the earth); i.e. years
mūniō (4)to provide with walls; fortify
sacerdōs, sacerdōtis (m/f)priest; priestess
partus, -ūs (m)(the action of ) giving birth
for, fārī, fātus sumto speak, talk, to speak prophetically
aestās, aestātis (f)summer
expleō, explēre, explēvī, explētusto fill (up/out); to complete, reach the end of

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