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Vergil 1.275-296

fulvus, -a. –umbrown, tawny, sandy, yellow
nūtrīx, nūtrīcis(a child’s) nurse, wet-nurse
tegmen, tegminis (n)cover, covering; amor, shield; skin, hide
quīn (adv)indeed, in fact; moreover, furthermore; why not
fatīgō (1)to tire out, weary, exhaust; to harass, assail
togātus, -a, -umtoga-clad, wearing the toga
lūstrum, -ī (n)long period of time, age, generation
aetās, aetātis (f)(one’s) age; (period of) time, age; old age
servitium, -īslavery, servitude
dominor, -ārī, ātus sumto rule, be in control, dominate
orīgō, orīginis (f)first appearance, beginning; birth; starting point
terminō (1)to mark the boundaries of limit
astrum, -ī (n)star; plural- sky, heavens
spolium, -ī (n)skin, hide (of an animal); pl, arms, weapons; spoils, booty
onustus, -a, -umhaving a load, loaded, (heavily) laden
vōtum, -ī (n)vow; votive offering; prayer
mītēscō, mītēscereto soften, become less tough; to become less fierce
cānus, -a, -umwhite; white-/grey-haired
iūs, iūris (n)law; right, justice; privilege
dīrus, -a, -umawful, dire, dreadful
ferrum, -ī (n)iron; iron tool; sword; armed might
artus, -a, -umtight, tighly fastened
compāgēs, compāgis (f)finding, bond, tie; joint, seam
impius, -a, -umwicked, immoral, impious
vinciō, vincīre, vīnxī, vīnctusto fasten (with bonds), tie (up)
aēnus, -a, -um(made of ) bronze
nōdus, -ī (m)knot (formed by tying); knot, node (of a tree); knotty problem or difficulty
horridus, -a, -umrough, bristly; wild, rugged; unkempt; grim, dreadful
cruentus, -a, umstained with blood, bloody, bleeding
intusinside, within

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