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Vergil 1.223-253

dēspiciō, dēspicere, dēspexī, dēspectusto look down on/at; to look down upon, despise, scorn
vēlivolus, -a, -umspeeding along with sails; with swift sails
lātus, -a, -umbroad, wide; wide-open, gaping; extensive, widespread
dēfīgō, dēfīgere, dēfīxī, dēfīxusto fix by thrusting down, imbed; to keep fixed on, focus; to keep rigidly fixed
lūmen, lūminis (n)light, radiance; eye; glance, gaze, sight, vision
suffundō, suffundere, suffūdī, suffūsusto fill; to pour on, cover
nitēns, nitentisshining, bright, radiant
adloquor, adloquī, adlocūtus sumto speak to, address
fulmen, fulminis (n)lightning, thunderbolt
diciō, diciōnis (f)dominion, sovreignty; power, authority, sway
sententia, -ae (f)thinking, opinion, sentiment; purpose, intention; thought, idea
equidemfor my part, personally speaking; indeed, in truth
occāsus, -ūs (m)opportunity, chance; downfall, destruction
sōlor, -ārī, -ātus sumto give solace, comfort, console; to provide solace for; I was consoling myself (for ACC with ABL)
contrārius, -a, -umopposite, opposing; opposed, hostile
rependō, rependere, rependī, repēnsusto weigh, balance; to pay/give
ēlābor, ēlābī, ēlāpsusto slip out/ away from; to escape
penetrō (1)to penetrate; to cross, pass by
intimus, -a, -uminnermost, most remote
fōns, fontis (m)spring, fountain, source; water, waters
arvum, -ī (n)(plowed) field; lands, countryside
adnuō, adnuere, adnuī, adnūtusto beckon, nod; to nod assent; to grant, concede, promise; to approve
prōdō, prōdere, prōdidī, prōditusto put forward, project; to give birth to, produce; to give up, betray, reveal
repōnō, repōnere, reposuī, reoositusto put back, replace; to restore; to lay back, lay to rest
aethēr, aetheris (m) ACC aetheraupper air, heaven, sky
mare, maris (n) maria (pl)sea
lūmen, lūminis (n)light, radiance; (pl) eyes, gaze
patior, patī, passus sumto suffer, endure; to all, permit
funus, funeris (n)funeral, death
forefūtūrus esse (will be/going to be)
agō, agere, ēgī, actusto drive, do
sinus, sinūs (m)fold; chest; embrace; curve, bend; bay, gulf

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